Purpose & Goals

Over the last 23 years thousands of soccer players have come through the FC Seattle program; and many went on to play competitive soccer, in colleges around the USA & Europe. The FC Seattle Academy was founded in 1987 by the late Clive Charles (university of Portland), who had also formed the FC Portland Academy. FC Seattle Storm Academy is an in-depth and progressive training program for the dedicated and talented young soccer player, boys & girls, ages 10-15.  All players will benefit from our specialized education.  We focus on the individual player, evaluating his or her strengths and weaknesses, followed by an intensive and focused professional training schedule.  

The program's goal is to prepare our members for advanced levels of competition.  Our aim is to minimize scheduling conflicts with premier youth and club programs thus enabling players to accommodate all their team obligations.   Ultimately, the players who train in the Academy will add to the level of play on their respective teams as a result of our training.  As the competitions becomes more intense, it is imperative that we do our utmost to provide the best training opportunities for our young men and women to excel, and help them obtain their personal and educational goals.

Each week, the Academy will cover different aspects of training.   Scrimmage games may be scheduled for the players during the Academy season to assess player progress, but they are not our primary means of training.  While we are aware of the importance of competitive play, we must remember to not lose sight of the educational and training needs of the program.  The coaching staff is a carefully assembled group of expert coaches from all regions, Europe.   Guest coaches may also be scheduled during the Academy season.